Afghani Strain | Type | Effects | Flavours

Afghani StrainContents1 Afghani Strain1.1 strain:1.2 Type:1.3 Rating:1.4 Effects:1.5 Flavor:1.6 Description:1.7 FAQ’s1.7.1 What is the type of the Afghani strain?1.7.2 How is the flavor of Afghani strain?1.7.3 What are the effects for Afghani strain?1.8 Read more about other exciting cannabis strains: strain: Afghani Type: indica Rating: 4.3 Effects: Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry Flavor: Earthy,Sweet,Pine Description: Afghani is a heavy … Continue reading Afghani Strain | Type | Effects | Flavours