Write for us: Cannabis | Marijuana | Hemp | CBD

Write for us: Cannabis | Marijuana | Hemp | CBD – Do you want to write for projects that need optimized and professional cannabis or CBD related content? Well, it is a very important and exciting time for the cannabis industry and its community right now.

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There are some leading voices in the cannabis community, who have their cannabis reviews websites. The websites are packed with some latest cannabis contents which are the greatest pieces. To continue making a name for themselves, they publish all good and informative pieces on their websites, written by some top-notch writers.

Now, as these communities are expanding, they always look for some experienced cannabis journalists who are efficient writers as well and make those journalists or writers join their impeccable team.

Writers who are skillful enough to excel in creating marijuana-related articles, news pieces, and recipes are on huge demand in that industry.

So we can very clearly see that some educational contents with useful tips are always welcome to all of those fastest-growing online blogs, as the visitors to those blogs are always in search of them. If you feel you’ve got the skills to join this incredible team of professionals from the cannabis industry, do not think much and give it a try. Here we are to provide you with some important and necessary guidelines that you need to keep in mind while you write for websites related to the cannabis industry.

Write for us: Cannabis | Marijuana | Hemp | CBD

A few types of posts that these websites look for

  • Stories narrated in the first person:

If you have tried using cannabis to get rid of depression, anxiety, some kind of pain or chronic illness, or even only to feel better, just write down your experiences and post them or send them to the official email id of the blog-writing page. The cannabis industry always welcomes such posts.

  • Lifestyle tips related to Cannabis:

You can write down your views regarding entertaining ideas or gift ideas using cannabis and other cannabis-related tips if you think you are good at that and you have proper information and knowledge on the pros and cons of marijuana. Send your article over and wait for it to be posted.

  • Recipes for food and drink:

You can write down if you have any ideas or recipes which are cannabis-related, be it for food or drink or some other treats. The website owners of the cannabis industry will love such content, as these will help their readers to learn more.

For quick Enquire shoot an Email Here: teamweedbonn@gmail.com

  • Tips regarding proper usage of Cannabis:

If you are a cannabis professional or an expert and you can provide tips on how to use cannabis properly, write them down and send over. The cannabis industry will surely post your tips for visitors to their online blogs.

  • Writing formal business-related plans to prove your professionalism:

Writing down business plans for this industry is also a good idea. It needs a good business sense along with a clear and viable idea for selling a product that the buyers enjoy and want to purchase again and again. For writing such pieces, you have to overcome the stereotypes stigma and make sure that you demonstrate the best out of the products. We are providing you with a few components that you need to remember to maximize the opportunity of the business you are writing your blogs for; the elements that this section include are:

  1. Strategic alliances or partnerships;
  2. Good marketing and sales plan;
  3. Unique operations plan;
  4. Financial plan;
  5. Detailed information about your team/company;
  6. A better idea of risks and key assumptions.

Always keep in mind that a business plan is no less than a living document. You have to be revisiting the growth and current scenarios of the cannabis industry regularly if you want to shine as a savvy blogger of marketing research related articles of the industry.

Things you should know before you go for giving it a try

  1. In case you have personal experiences regarding the cannabis industry or you have tried using it, the chances for you are way more than the others. All you have to do is to write down your experiences in an arranged manner. Make sure that you use the first person while recounting your experience. And you’re ready to join the websites of the industry, with your “behind the scenes” and an in-depth look at the usages of marijuana and also the sneak-peaks of the industry.
  2. Contents which have already been published somewhere, are not acceptable by these websites. They always focus on publishing original pieces.
  • Informative and engaging articles are always on the top priority list. The subjects that you need to write about can be any, say, how to use marijuana to reduce pain or anxiety and feel better, or the culture, the industry; in short, anything which attracts the attention of cannabis enthusiasts.

Instances of Topics That Are on High Demand and Routinely Published

  1. Breaking news coverage related to Marijuana, in general, or maybe some current or upcoming rise in the cannabis industry. The industry primarily focuses on the contents that are informative and entertaining as well,so that it attracts the attention of all those potential readers.
  2. Edible recipes are written step by step so that the consumers become able to create comfort all by themselves after reading them.
  • Various topics, mostly related to the list of “Best of…” and “How to…” are severely found in the cannabis community, i.e. online articles regarding the best usage or availability or even variable limitations of consumption of different products for a consumer, which is directly related to the cannabis industry.
  1. Research related articles, case studies, checklists, e-books, tutorials, etc. also fall under consideration for publication in the cannabis-related blogs.
  2. The blogging websites of the cannabis community are also open to the topics that are related to marijuana lifestyle, tourism and entertainment, health and wellness, agricultural issues regarding marijuana, news, and legislation, and so on.
  3. Interviews of industry specialists in deep detail are always in high demand. The stories can be based on various topics. For example, the struggle story of an industrialist through the ranks of this cannabis industry which is always crowded. Also, the stories related to its high demand, or even stories and articles about the farms and cultivation of these plants,are highly appreciated by the readers of the online blogs of the cannabis industry.

How to Submit an Article in Its Proper Form That Can Be Posted

  1. Find out the official email id of the online blog writing website and send your article there.
  2. You need to mention your name and the title of the article clearly (preferably in BLOCK letters) in the subject line of your submission.
  • Do not forget to re-state your name, the title of your article, and your location in the body of your mail.
  1. You need to make sure that you send a Google Doc link attached to your submission. And you have to set the link the way “Anyone with the Link” can edit it.
  2. If you attach any images to your article, attach something relevant to the article you wrote. If the images are not to the point, the quality of your article might get degraded without any reason.
  3. Try not to place the images on your article, just attach them with your submission; and the rest of the task, i.e., the job of implantation will be done by the employees who receive and select and post the content sent by you.
  • The images you attach should not face any copyright issues later on. You have to keep in mind that all images need to be royalty-free, which are available online for public use only.
  • The titles or captions for the images should be put appropriately. You are advised to use the “article.title.jpg” format.
  1. Once you submit your article, your piece gets reviewed and edited. If the rest of the things go properly, the article is going to be posted on their website.
  2. In case of any unnecessary issues or necessity of any other additional information, the editing and publishing team always contacts you.

A Few Useful Formatting Tips for the Writers-to-be for Our – Write for us: Cannabis | Marijuana | Hemp | CBD

  1. If you are a writer, you need to keep the most popular search terms regarding the cannabis industry in your mind; and make sure you use at least a few of them while you write your story or article. When you mention a few key search terms organically within the first two paragraphs of your article, and perhaps a couple more time before you finish the write-up, the SEO value of your piece will be increased.
  2. Be careful about not forcing these keywords into places that make a paragraph of your article look weird.
  • Ensure not harming your article with “keyword jamming”. A keyword jamming happens when you use your keywords too frequently. Overuse of the keywords negatively affects the search results of your online readers, and immensely damage the SEO value of the piece you have written paying due efforts.
  1. You need to be as much straight-forward with the title of your article as you can. But each title should seem to be familiar as well as conventional. If possible, mention any of the popular key search terms within the title. Now let’s provide an example to you regarding this as this part of the job is truly important to increase the SEO value. Well, suppose there is a keyword “Cannabis Coffee”, and your title may look like this, “Impress Your Folks with This Amazing Cannabis Coffee Recipe”, or something similar to that.
  2. Try to maintain the word limit of your write-ups to be limited around 800-1200 words.
  3. If you quote or refer any source in the body of your story or article, make sure that you adduce them in the footnotes of your piece. And wherever you use any pertinent source in your write-up, be sure to hyperlink it.
  • To increase readability, you need to set up your style of writing in a way that is pretty informative, friendly, cohesive, and colloquial.
  • Make sure that there is no spelling or grammatical errors in the piece that you have written. For that, you need to proofread it thoroughly before the submission. The contents you submit may stop getting accepted if you continue committing such mistakes.
  1. A “Call to Action” often attracts the attention of your readers. It encourages all of your readers to interact with your piece, either by commenting on it or by sharing the article. Though a “Call to Action” is not required for every article or story you write, but try to keep it on for the article with which you feel it is necessary.
  2. Sometimes, the team which publishes or edits your article may come up to you with the necessities of providing a remedy to an issue with your article. Well, in that case, please do the needful as early as you can.

Concluding Thoughts on Write for us: Cannabis | CBD Oil | Marijuana | Hemp

The cannabis industry is always in need of contents that are dank because such stories or articles make sure to boost the SEO ranking of the article and keep the cannabis business flowering with its increasing readers. If you write your blogs with keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you will surely achieve success and fame as a blogger among the cannabis community.

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While wrapping up, all we can advise is that make your content well-researched and engaging. You should always try to make the best use of keywords following the way we have discussed above, to attain the best SEO practices with every keystroke of your potential reader. Also, remember to make your stories and articles supportive and helpful unfailingly. At last, we appreciate you if you are considering making the cannabis industry your writing niche, as this market is booming savagely in the recent era. That’s it for our write for us page of Cannabis and Marijuana, CBD.

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