1 Best Vape Shops and E-Cigarettes in Salem, Wisconsin

Discover our comprehensive list of the top vape and e-cigarette shops in Salem, Wisconsin.

Whether you’re a vaping enthusiast or just curious about the latest e-cigarette trends, our guide showcases the best shops in town.

From the widest selection of flavors to top-quality vaping devices, these shops have it all. Dive in to explore the top 1 vape and e-cigarette shops in Salem, Wisconsin, and find your new favorite spot today!

K & D Vapes Shop

URL: https://www.facebook.com/kdvaping1974

Email: angied1205@hotmail.com

Call Now: (262) 586-8115

Address: 24421 75th St, Salem, WI 53168



How to start this off with the list of reasons why not to ever go to k and d vape shop ever again, Their juices are revolting, even more so in the past month. The nicotine levels aren’t even correct, if you want a 6MG, you get told that 12MG is the lowest. Their mods are over priced, the batteries don’t even work that well. Customer service isn’t even that great anymore. The owner does not know how to welcome customers in a nicely manner. If you’re there for more than 15 minutes within buying something of their product, you’re told to get out. You’re not allowed to cloud throw in this shop, if you do, you are asked to be leave. & if you haven’t bought anything from their store, the owner asks you to leave. All around unfriendly environment, overpriced & crappy products, experience of knowing the people that work there, the owner takes your ideas & throws you to the curb. You can find most of their stuff online or at any other vape shop for cheaper & better quality. From experience of knowing a girl that worked there, she worked very hard there. She had given the owner a lot of ideas to improve their sales, & the owner had taken advantage of this girl, when she had brought in more sales & made it a better environment overall. The owner had fired her, telling her that she never did her job, she’s accusing another one of their ex workers of stealing at least $5000 worth of stuff, called the police, & said that this ex worker had been caught on camera, the DNA of this worker was found all over the shop, & the owner had also told the cops this ex worker had never worked there, when he had worked there for about 8 months. The day the shop was broken into, this ex worker was on a 9 hour shift. The owner is telling all of the workers that juices are free when you work there, the owner also had accused this ex worker of stealing an exceptional amount of vape tanks, juices, & mods. The owner does not know anything about vapeing itself. K & D IS A TERRIBLE VAPE SHOP, IF YOU ARE SMART, YOU WOULD NEVER GO THERE FOR ANYTHING.

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am Sat: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm Sun Closed

Business Payment: amex, mastercard, all major credit cards, discover, visa

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